Burberry Collaborates With Tour de France Team In Charity

Burberry Collaborates With Tour de France Team In Charity

Burberry has recently announced a partnership with Tour de France team Qhubeka NextHash, a UCI World Tour cycling team that competes to raise awareness and funds for South African not-for-profit organization Qhubeka.

Burberry Collaborates With Tour de France Team In Charitymain

 This is the first time a luxury fashion label has partner with a Tour de France team, according to Burberry. The British label’s logo and iconic Thomas Burberry Monogram will feature on Team Qhubeka NextHash’s cycling jerseys and tour vehicles.

 Burberry’s support for Qhubeka NextHash has already started and  will continue for the rest of the year.


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Meaning “to move forward” in Nguni, Qhubeka enables people to earn bicycles through its not-for-profit programs, which Burberry will also donate to.

 The organization also helps students travel to school, healthcare workers access more patients and first responders transport life-saving equipment. The organization is currently based in South Africa, the Netherlands and Italy.




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