African Traditional Wedding Dresses

African Traditional Wedding Dresses

Generally, African traditional wedding dresses have unique elements that make the day grandly stand out for the newly wedded couple. It is no news that the black continent is rich in cultural diversity that continues to amass recognition across the globe. Each traditional group is popular for making attires from specific fabrics that have unique colors and conventional meaning. The event is usually a big day for the couple and taking into good cognizance dressing culture on this day makes the occasion memorable.
Here is a collection of conventional wedding outfits for the couple, most especially the bride across Africa.
Kente wedding dress from Ghana
Ghana is better known for its beautiful traditional outfits at occasions. A wedding is not complete in Ghana when the bride is not wearing a Kente-inspired wedding dress. The style is still prevalent with brides now modifying the fabric to suit their tastes.
Congolese wedding outfit
Bold and bright colors chiefly characterize Congolese wedding apparel, especially for brides. The stunning prints are made from Liputa fabric. The lady can make a full style from the Liputa or Kitenge, or have a blend of the two with lace and other fabric.
Rwandese wedding dress
The most popular wedding dress worn in Rwanda is imishanana inspired outfit. The attire is also common in Uganda and Burundi. The country’s beautiful nuptial celebration is one of the fascinating events in East Africa.
Tanzanian traditional wedding outfit
Bongo people are globally recognized for their Swahili culture. As Islam is the major religion in the country, it has a great influence, with the Muslim traditional attire having some features of Arab culture and which makes it look stunning.
Tswana traditional attire in Botswana
The Tswana traditional attire is often characterized by Shweshwe designs for the bride. However, brides are beginning to spice the taste of style up with new creativities.
Yoruba outfit from Nigeria
The Yoruba traditional attire is made from Aso Oke fabric. It comes in three primary colors, namely rich maroon, navy blue, and light brown with stripes of cream. Embroidery lace can also be chosen in this regard.
Igbo attire from Nigeria
African Traditional Wedding Dresses1
The Igbankwu, a traditional Igbo wedding is always a colorful event, when the bride wears a blouse and a wrapper. The outfit is often made from different materials including, silk, machine print, George, lace, or damask. Meanwhile, the ensemble of the outfit is majorly accessorized with orange coral beads around the neck, ivory wristbands, and ankle bracelets.
Ndebele wedding dress from South Africa
Recently, there has been modifications to the gorgeous Ndebele conventional fabric print. The design can be blended with matching or neutral colors. The appearance is always adorable and vibrant. The Ndebele fabric is also popular in Zimbabwe.
Venda designs from South Africa
This colorful outfit has remained an ingrained significant part of the Venda culture. The traditional design has beautiful fabric with various stripes, including green, red, turquoise, blue, orange, and yellow. With the bride having taste for modifications, the apparel must still have a Venda touch.
Pedi dresses from South Africa
Pedi outfits usually have a blend of yellow, blue, orange, red, and turquoise colors. Sepedi brides always rock beautifully in this outfit. Lately, brides have had the opportunity of modifying this fabric and styles to their personal taste and status.
Zulu wedding outfit from South Africa
A traditional Zulu wedding is deemed not complete if the bride does not wear Umabo, Ischolo, and beads. These features are germane symbols to Zulu cultural heritage and must have its presence in modern weddings.
Swazi wedding attire
The prints can be blended with an ensemble of plain matching colors, cotton, satin, and tule. The dress do also look appealing with a touch of both modern and Swazi culture.
Kikuyu traditional bridal outfit from Kenya
Kikuyu brides from central Kenya are characterized with wearing golden or brown lessos. The outfit is adorned with beads. Today, traditional Kikuyu marriages can have the bridal apparel made from kitenge or Ankara, which make the outfit more stylish.
Maasai outfit from Kenya
In Kenya and Tanzania, Maasai is one of the most celebrated and decorated cultures. The regular Maasai attire is brightly colored with red as the main color. The outfit is now modified and accessorize with the culture’s beautiful beaded necklace.
Oromo wedding attire from Ethiopia
In a real sense, the Ethiopian conventional Oromo attire has never lost its fondness. The colorful dress can be made from Ankara or cotton fabric.
Habesha wedding attire from Ethiopia
The Habeshas are found both in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and their brides wear the Habesha Kemis attire during the event. The cloth is hand-woven white cotton made from Shemma.
Shona outfit from Zimbabwe
Evidently, Zimbabwean culture is deeply rooted among the Shona people. In traditional weddings, the bride’s dress is made from the Shona Ankara fabric.
Senegalese wedding attire
The major traditional clothing of the Senegalese is Boubou. The dress is made from wax fabric, cotton, or Bazin, with a unique embroidery.
Cameroonian wedding outfit
The most popular traditional outfit in Cameroon is Toghu or Atoghu. The fabric is beautifully embroidered with fascinating colors.
Zambian traditional outfit
The chitenge attire is the important fashion detail in Zambian weddings. Brides can mix the chitenge with other types of fabric to appear modern and adorable.
Ugandan wedding dress


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African Traditional Wedding Dresses5
Brides In Uganda often clad in beautiful floor-length outfits called busuuti or gomesi. The outfit is particularly common among the Busoga and Buganda women. The beautiful dresses, which have puffed sleeves and a square neckline, can be sourced from silk, cotton, or linen fabric.
Mijikenda traditional wedding outfit from Kenya
At wedding events in Kenya today, brides wear a dress made from blended colors of leso fabric.
Sotho wedding attire in South Africa
The Shweshwe design is very popular among the Sotho people. The fabric can be found in red, blue, and brown prints.
Xhosa outfit from South Africa
The umbaco marriage outfits do come in varying styles and colors. An isiXhosa traditional wedding is always not complete without a bride and a groom wearing matching outfits. The style exudes elegance and glamour with black and white stripes.

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