We had an interview with the owner of D&D Clothing company – Dennis Osadebe in his office. A lot of people asking him about the business, designs, the company itself, how he decided to open the business and how actually success comes, but he doesn’t give interviews too often. So today I was so lucky to pass by D&D Clothing.

When I entered to the office in Dubai, first that I’ve seen was an amazing wedding dress that was just in the middle of showroom. Maybe that is what makes the first impression for all customers. After I’ve seen lovely designers next me, they where from a different countries, and atmosphere seems like totally different from where any showrooms where I was before.

I was impressed that fabrics they produce by themselves, and each of it has a special story. For me, as an African woman, I was feeling like I need each of this fabric even if it’s 3 inches. It feels so spiritual. Now I understand why my friends are saying – When you wear D&D, you become a totally different person.

I found Mr.Dennis inside the showroom, in a production area where he was showing how to make some small details on the suit. He always looks so smart and sharp, that’s why there is no stylish people in Dubai who doesn’t know D&D Clothing and Dennis Osadebe himself.

I remember the time when D&D Clothing moved to a new office, how many interior designers were working on his place, and how strict he was about all finishing and how the place should look like.

And today its my first time being in the office and its my pleasure to take interview from Dennis Osadebe, #1 African designer all over UAE.

Team offered me a cup of tea (by the way a cup was branded as well) and I started my questioning for my audience.

Dennis Osadebe D&D
Dennis Osadebe
Dennis Osadebe
Dennis Osadebe

How did you discover the passion for fashion?

All my life I have been in the entertainment field I called my company DCS Entertainment Nig LtD , was shooting movies in West Africa, but my passion always was a designing and costuming my actors. From there I came to dubai to shoot movies, but it was too expensive. So I started creating some nice designs for people and singers. Step by step I created a brand with African touch, colorful and special, where you will not find it anywhere. Only in D&D.


Why D&D Clothing and Tailoring? What is the story of your brand’s name?

The Abbreviation of D&D is Dennis and David, Dennis is my name and David is the name of my first son.


What inspires you?

I always get inspired by great people, who are making a difference in Africa. I strongly believe in Africa and when I see that people are developing our continent – I’m becoming so proud. It gives me strength to move on.


Do you imagine what kind of way you passed? To become who you are today?

(smiling) You know, I was just thinking about it today morning. When you are checking the story from the very beginning, there were so many issues. Sometimes you just want to stop, and you are thinking are you sure you really need it? But when you are solving those issues and enjoying the result, it gives you a lot of joy. I love watching people wearing my designs.


You are a very talented designer. Your work is getting huge recognition worldwide and you have also been awarded in the past months. How does it feel to see your efforts and passion being recognized and appreciated?

As I said, I love when people like our designs. I’m just inspiring my team to do a better job and there is no “NO” in our company’s policy. There is nothing impossible. The craziest design – we are always there to make it happen:)


I’ve hear a lot of rumors about your team, but all your staff says you are the best boss ever. Do you train them to talk like this?

Haha. We are like a family. Im very happy if they really think so, because only when you have a great team you can reach something. Sometimes we can sit till 2am just talking about events or our families, or if they need any advice they always come to me. And I appreciate it.


Any successful brand is sustained by team work. How you work on your team?

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” said Michael Jordan. In my team I have people from a different country. It helps to combine variety of ideas into 1 amazing great brand.


What is the ultimate goal of the brand D&D Clothing and Tailoring?

It’s very simple. We just want to be in each home and each heart of all people around the world:)


What are your favorite colors in your designs?

Of course African! African colors it’s not even a combination of a different color. It’s a feeling, it’s emotion! When you wear african dress you feel different. That’s what we want!


If someone would like to become a fashion designer, what would be your advice?

I would tell them – you suppose to start yesterday:) Trends are moving so fast and there is no time to waste. And welcome to my team!


What is the customer type for D&D Clothing and Tailoring?

It’s a person from 0-110 years with any body shape and any color type.


If someone would like to buy some of your designs, where can we find you?

We are in Dubai and Nairobi. Very soon we will be in more countries, but you can always reach us in our social media or website.



What is the biggest challenge you faced so far in your career?

It’s a team. To choose a good team it might takes years


What is more difficult – to design for women or for men, and why?

Designing it’s a very creative process, there is no difference between man or woman. But, women are always more picky and they can change their design 5times in 1 days:)


Whom from the Fashion industry is an ICON for you and you would like to follow his/her steps in Fashion?

I am my own ICON, Dennis Osadebe. We are the biggest competitors to ourselves. Everyday we are trying to be better than yesterday.


Those words were a great ending of our talk. It made me think what did I do today better than my yesterday? All of us should think about it, and we will be waiting for a next time with Dennis Osadebe.


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