Dresses have been part of the fashion industry since time immemorial.

We have seen them evolve from the Victorian era where by the amount of fabric on the body actually expressed ones economic status. The more the fabric the higher up the social hierarchy you belonged to. If only the ladies from this era woke up to the world that we have today. I bet they would be in utter shock.

Anyway, we have trans versed the eras and we bumped into the 60s fashion where the miniskirts were invented by the amazing Mary Quant (bless her soul, right). She revolutionized the way fashion sensation should be perceived and this transformed the image and self awareness of women’s style. Much of this is actually celebrated by our everyday consumer at D&D and the world at large.

We have come and grown into the era whereby we get to celebrate and recognize the invention of these amazing designers and the blood and sweat and they’ve put into their creations. The 21st century fells like an explosion that has been waiting to happen in commemoration of the designers that came before us.

From the skater dresses to the form fitting, from macro mini to the maxi we thrive in creating pieces that make all women feel comfortable and special. I mean, we all need to express our inner beauty through our cloth selection pieces.

The past couple of weeks as the pandemic has put the rest of the world on lockdown, we have been locking it down with our new dress collections that embodies the heart and soul of D&D. We have worked on a number of silhouettes which flaunt the devise body types within our broad and esteemed market niche.

1. The A-line silhouette

We worked with a wide range of blush hues which compliments almost all skin tones. This silhouette works best with the petite body shape

2. The form fitting silhouette

With this style, be it in Africa, the western world or middle east, it will go without saying that the classic LBD (little black dress) has to be incorporated. We created this style but of course with the D&D signature for the uniqueness that captivates our customers.

Along with the black dress we have created the same with more bold colors. Colors that intrigue the added boldness for our everyday D&D girl.

Works best with the hour glass shaped body.

3. The skater dress

This is for the girly girl kind of girl. One who is constantly in touch with her feminine side and is proud to flaunt it around the neighbored. We went with the warm hues for the extra special touch that every woman needs.

4. The mini dress with a plunging neckline

D&D can never be complete without our sexy elegant touch that provokes strength and dignity as opposed to being trashy. We created this amazing sexy piece for our diverse woman who is not just limited to the everyday life routine but is bold to be adventurous in her style and it transcends in her clothing as well.

5. The free flowing maxi dress

Lastly, we came up with the one of a kind wrap dresses that embody the strength and dignity of the conservative woman. She is bold and she doesn’t need to limit herself with the fabric limitation. She and the Victorian woman can actually gel up pretty well.However, this is not advised for the petite woman as it will make her look smaller in stature than what she actually is.

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