Maasai 'Shuka' African Print For Men

Maasai 'Shuka' African Print For Men

For this design, we travel to East Africa to meet one of the few remaining tribes in the world that still hold on to their traditional cultures. The Maasai culture is rich and the tribe people's style upholds the traditions of their forefathers. One of the most striking fashion items made by the Maasai is the 'shuka' which are wrapped around their bodies for warmth.

They have a unique design that has been carefully sewn together to create a beautiful pattern. The 'shuka' is wrapped at the waist by women as a skirt and wrapped around the chest of men as a scarf.

Maasai 'Shuka' African Print For Men

The 'shuka' is a cotton plaid fabric, in the form of a blanket, in the form of bright red and bright blue colors. Maasai people wear this dress that is known to be durable and solid. Primarily, the fabric protects the people against the time and terrain of the savannah.

The ‘shuka' has been commercialized especially in 2012 when Louis Vuitton held a fashion show where they displayed various styles to wear the ‘shuka.’ The fabric is unique and comes in different colors and patterns with distinct shapes. Modern designers have incorporated the design into blazers, t-shirts, and bomber jackets for the young generation. It is a fashion item that will never get old. You can also add the patchwork to your normal outfit to include the Maasai pattern making it more fashionable.

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