Modern Ankara Dress Styles For Women

Modern Ankara Dress Styles For Women

The Ankara African print has been around for some time now and has managed to capture the attention of the international fashion franchise. It features vibrant and colorful patterns with wax prints. It is a representation of the ‘African’ culture to the world. Want to make your normal outfit Afro-centric? Add a bit of patchwork of Ankara wax and watch the magic unfold. They have been worn by celebrities around the world and are a common feature in fashion runways too.

Many of our local designers have expertized on the Ankara wax to give us some of the most fashionable items we have yet to get over. There are no restrictions to the Ankara wax, thus it has opened a field of opportunities and ideas for both designers and lovers of the print.

Modern Ankara Dress Styles For Women

1. Ankara Faux Wrap Maxi Dress

This is specially made for conservative women who are somewhat afraid of showing off too much skin. It has a V-neck with long straps sleeves with gathering elastic at the wrist. It is long and elegant and covers the ankles. It also has hidden pockets and an invisible zipper on the center back. It is perfect for a special event like a wedding. It is also a favorite for the older generation since it looks decent and beautiful.

2. Ankara Jumpsuit

We know that some of the designs can cost an arm and a leg, so if you are operating on a tight budget, the Ankara jumpsuit is meant for you. First, you can wear it to the office and also on the weekends when you are chilling out with your friends. It is also perfect for events and you can never go wrong in them. If you have a wonderful derriere and want to show it off to the world, wear some matching pants and let the jumpsuit capture the attention of the world. Thrown in a slim bag and makeup and you can even stand a chance at the runway.

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