Kente Formal Dresses For Office

Kente Formal Dresses For Office

Kente is among the richest fabrics in Africa. The African print is so beautiful and its colors are vibrant. The good bit about Kente fabric is that it can blend perfectly with other fabrics. You can blend it with Ankara, chiffon, Kitenge, lace, or any other tunic that you have in mind. Below is a beautiful collection of Kente print dresses for work and formal occasions.

Kente Formal Dresses For Office

1. Kente Short Dress For Office

If you are looking for an impressive formal chic look, then Kente's short dress designs fit you perfectly. It will make you comfortable, confident, as well as colorful. To complete your beautiful looks, you can wear classy wedges, flats, or heels; that will depend on the formal event you are about to attend.

You do not have to create a dress piece with Kente fabric alone, you can comfortably blend it with polished cotton fabric; a black or a white is the best. Chiffon with a matching color will also work magic on your looks. Some ladies prefer their Kente dresses to have patches of other fabrics while others prefer the top part of the bottom part to have another fabric and they come out looking fabulous.

2. Kente Long Dress For Office

Some ladies are just in love with long dresses. The Kente fabric has exotic patterns and it will make you feel comfortable and bold. Create a piece and break your office workmates' necks without even compromising. One thing about being classy is that nobody can range your social status. The beautiful designs give you an expensive and respectable look.

There are so many local and established designers making it affordable to create a piece. This gives you no excuse for not owning a piece in your wardrobe.

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