African Print Maxi Dress Styles

African Print Maxi Dress Styles

Every lady would love to look prettier and get many compliments from random people on streets and corners of towns especially when they have gone out of their way to wear the best fashionable African dresses. This is an appreciation of the fact that they are always updated on the most recent dress fashion and styles which would make them look more beautiful. The following are some of the latest designs of African print dress styles which are attractive.

1. Mixed Cocktail Dress

This is one of the most recent African dress styles. It’s characterized by an exclusively attractively V-neck with beautiful yellow and pink patterns. The vibrant mid-dress has an extensive spreading at its lower section just after the waist. It's preferred most by hot ladies since it can make good guest dress. You will feel like the world belongs to you when moving across the streets due to the numerous gazes on your body when wearing the mixed cocktail.

African Print Maxi Dress Styles

2. Ankara Rebekah Dress

We cannot talk of beauty in the latest African wear styles without mentioning something about Ankara Rebekah's dress. It’s a sleeveless catchy dress that attains that hot look you could be striving for. It’s a high-low mid-dress with a beautiful V-neck. You can comfortably put on this dress to attend a party, wedding, or any other important African occasion. It has an African feel and is appealing to the eyes. There Ankara Rebekah is among the most beautiful African dresses which exist in West Africa.

3. Resa Ankara Print Spring

This big name means big to wear. Resa print spring is an excellent gown with oversized and extending sleeves as well as bold colors. It attracts great attention due to its extraordinary look. Friends will feel a little jealous when they meet you wearing a Resa Ankara print spring dress.

4. Velvet Maxi Dress

This is one of those dresses that is very difficult to describe. The highly crafted women's wear is a combination of velvet and Ankara materials. An African slay queen must have this in her dress wardrobe. This fascinating gown is a complete dress that runs from the neck to the bottom end near the toes. The top part of the dress is made of velvet material and is perfectly intersected with the Ankara material just before the hips.

5. Ankara Midi Cape Dress

If you are that kind of lady who always wants the attention of the people at hand, this dress will be perfect especially when well accessorized. It’s comfortable, appealing to the eye, classy and beautiful. The dress has a beautiful removable cape that you can pin or detach on your hair no matter the hairstyle. It’s good for special occasions like weddings and parties among others. Ankara cape dress is the best African print maxi dress in Africa and a must-have in every fashionable lady's wardrobe.

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