Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Senegal

Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Senegal

Senegal is a considerably small, yet beautiful Western African country, that for a long time has been a French colony. This fact has heavily influenced the country’s culture, especially, with France known as a fashion center of Europe.

These European influences have started to mix with traditional African motifs after the country has become independent in 1960. It is a wild mash-up of styles, which makes Senegalese clothing designs original and unique. If you want to try something new and fresh, you should try out one of these latest Senegalese designs.

 Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Senegal

  1. Senegalese Long Gown

Senegalese gowns, coupled with a turban, is the most traditional outfit you’ll see in Senegal. Popular among women, it has a lot of variations to it, Senegalese gown styles include Ankara gowns, lace ones, and chiffon ones.

The most popular styles, though, often are made with Indian or other Asian fabrics and patterns and/or embroidered designs. These gowns are rarely worn every day, but they look really good to be worn on special occasions.



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  1. Senegalese Kaftan Styles

Senegalese kaftan, also known as boubou or bubu, is a part of traditional men’s wear. It is popular all over Western Africa, coupled with matching pants it is known as a kaftan suit, which is worn as formal attire.

Of course, there are other types of kaftans, that are created for everyday use, like short-sleeved dashiki. Kaftans are usually worn on top of a t-shirt and can be coupled with pants, shorts, or jeans. The style is completed with a fez or an adorned cotton hat.

  Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Senegal

  1. Senegalese Embroidery Styles

As it was said earlier, embroidered patterns, incorporated into Senegalese gowns or dresses, are a big part of the nation’s fashion.

It really deserves a separate mention, as these hand-made designs are beautiful and unique. The best examples of this art can be found on the Senegalese wedding dresses. Embroidered designs can be made onto brocade, chiffon, or even lace dresses.




Senegalese fashion styles are going outside the shores of Africa and there is a need to explore more ways of upholding the beauty of these styles.

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