Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Nigeria

Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Nigeria

Nigerians, probably more than any other African people, get fond of wearing clothes in their traditional fashion and style. When they are not wearing the complete traditional look, there will be at least one cultural element in their outfit. Traditional fashion styles in Nigeria are a popular scope among trendsetters.

Fashion designers in Nigeria, as well as major manufacturers of fabrics and ready-made clothes, consistently draw inspiration from traditional styles of clothing, creating new collections of attires and fabrics. Also, popular designers across the globe continually use traditional African prints and designs in their collections.

  Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Nigeria

Female Traditional Styles

Nigerian ladies are known to opt for different variants of native clothing and look gorgeous and stylish.


Traditional Blouse Styles

Traditional blouse styles are not complete without the peplum style. These blouses in traditional style have embroidery or lace hints. These kinds of blouses typically have a short or three-quarter sleeve, a round neckline, or open shoulders. 


Traditional Skirt Styles

Traditional skirt styles are often characterized by the long skirt, sewn to fit and might have the “mermaid tail.” It could also be a long, straight skirts that are made from a fabric of any color you like wither with a pattern or monochrome. As a rule, the bottom of this monochrome skirt is trimmed with embroidery. Embroidery is made in the same colour, but of a brighter tone, or it can be in another color.


Trendy Traditional Fashion Styles In Nigeria

Lace Skirt and Blouse Styles

Lace fabrics look great with skirts and blouses of traditional prints. 

The lacy pattern can be large and transparent, or small and fairly dense, depending on the individual’s choice. From such a fabric, you can sew a very beautiful blouse. Sometimes an underskirt is added to the skirt of the lace fabric. 



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Traditional Styles For Men

In Nigeria, it is believed that every Nigerian who wants to have a true cultural identity must have traditional clothes in his wardrobe. If the grand agbada is worn on especially festive occasions, the dashiki is perfect for an everyday wardrobe. Made of light natural fabrics, decorated with embroidery or ornament, dashiki can make any man look dashing.


Agbada Styles

Agbada is one of the popular traditional attire worn by Nigerian men. Typically, these are white or blue grand boubou that can be worn with slim classic trousers.

Usually, the front part of the agbada is decorated with some form of design. These designs can be made to be the same colour as the main cloth or of a contrasting colour. A blue agbada, for instance, combines beautifully with white, yellow, or brown embroidery. The white agbada may be decorated with contrasting black and red designs and patterns.


Plain And Pattern Styles

The plain fabric can either be silk, cotton, cashmere, chiffon, or organza while the pattern fabric can either be kente, Adire, Ankara, Kampala, or any other English fabric. 

Plain and pattern styles are one of the few traditional fashion styles rocked by Nigerian men with their trendy class. The ability to diversify and be individualistic while wearing it is probably one of the numerous reasons the style is still trending.



When it comes to trendy fashion in Africa and over the Atlantic, Nigeria is always found on the bandwagon of building a staple in the world of fashion.

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