Trendy African Print Styles For Office

Trendy African Print Styles For Office

Taking you a few decades back, the office wear for ladies primarily was a suit. It was either a skirt suit or scarcely a trouser suit. The bright colors were few and the common preference was on dull colors; like black, navy blue, brown, and grey with an ironed out collar of course. The trend slowly changed with the inclusion of various office wear with cheerful designs, and now there are modern African dresses styles for every lady. This has not in any way adversely affected the corporate culture as the same is done in moderation and many employers and employees alike are ready to try out the various African print styles.

Trendy African Print Styles For Office

1. Ankara Work Dress

Ankara is a native African fabric that can take the form of very many designs. The designs can be based on patterns that are small to large, horizontal to vertical, floral to animal print while some have patched patterns. As a modern woman, you can attend an executive meeting in any of these well-designed African wear. The good thing is that the African print office dresses can be designed according to your preferences. As a result, you will have a comfortable dress to wear to your workplace.

The Ankara work dresses can be as diverse as having distinct styles such as either short or long to medium. The length of the dress should be long enough for formal environments. Others can be tight-fitting, loosely fitting, or flared. The bust and neckline similarly should not call for unwarranted attention but this is not to say that elegance should not be in the designs.

2. Pencil African Print Dress

These are African dresses with a cut made as per the customer’s body size. Ideally, these African print styles for offices are body fitting. As such, these styles reveal all the natural curves of a good number of African women. Pencil African print dresses more or less resemble the conventional pencil dress styles only that in this case, the former incorporates a cheerful look of the African print.

The pencil dress can be of medium to short length depending on personal preferences and the kind of your office environment. Similarly, the collar and sleeves designs are varied. Some are high-necked, cleavage showing, round neck, and even the off-shoulder-open-back designs. On the other hand, the sleeves can be sleeveless, capped, or even long-sleeved. The emergent trend is the off-shoulder and the long-sleeved African official dresses. The dashiki office wear for women is yet another sight to behold.

3. Capped African Dress

Capped African dresses are among the modern African dress styles that one can never go wrong with. Ideally, the African official dress can either be long or short with a cut as per the bearer’s stature. The design is artistically made in such a way that around the shoulder blade, a flowing cloak is added to bring out a courtly appeal. This cloth flows below the knees if the African dress is short. For a long dress, the cloth can go to your ankle level or almost floor-sweeping. Ordinarily, this type of office wear for women is not entirely made of African fabric.

For instance, the dress can have a matching front pyramid-shaped African cut on a monotone fabric. Alternatively, the dress or the cloak can be of African print while the other portion can be of a monotone color. However, some people are bold enough to go wholesome with the African print design. A capped African dress is a perfect African dress to wear in all seasons. Besides, the cloak is detachable and still leaves the dress just as elegant. This dress is commonly worn for executive business meetings such as conferences and seminars but can also be worn in a regular office environment.

4. Peplum African Print Office Dress

Interestingly, this is a style that has for long graced the fashion industry but its appearance never gets stale. The peplum is a familiar style. Speaking it’s a fabric that is typically layered around the waistline; in either a top or a dress. The peplum designs range from simple to sophisticated and classy. The peplum African print office wear is just beautiful to wear and the dress can be of long to short length. Of course, the design is tight-fitting so that the peplum can be pronounced around the hips and butt areas. The peplum can be asymmetrical or symmetrical.

In asymmetrical designs, the lower part of the dress is perfect if it’s of a monotone color or the other way round. However, there are still many ways to wear these African official dresses and still look good in the corporate environment. It works well for women of all ages and sizes.

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