Trendy African Print Dinner Dresses For Ladies

Trendy African Print Dinner Dresses For Ladies

The idea of wearing an African dinner dress or even red-carpet functions have become more popular in the fashion scene. The African print has even made it big on the runaway with the inception of the Maasai fabric, Kitenge fabric, and the Dashiki fabric. This has opened a new avenue for African designers to get creative and explore even complex designs. Here are some African print dinner dresses for ladies.

 Trendy African Print

The African dinner dress is an embodiment of the African spirit that was showcased by the traditional African dresses. The colorfulness of the African fabric makes it perfect for designers to play around with the fabric and make masterpieces for dinner wear. The African dinner dress is perfect for wearing to office dinners, dates, cocktail parties, and even evening gowns as you relax. The African dinner dress adds a touch of class and revives the colors that are available in the market for dinner wear. It also offers you a wide variety of clothes you can pick to be more spontaneous and classier.



  1. Simple Knee-Length Dinner Dress

This is the simplest look that one can choose as a dinner dress. The dress is knee-length and doesn’t have too much detail giving you a wide choice of accessories to wear with the dress. The main concept of this dress is to ensure that you have a superb choice of fabric. Once you have chosen the fabric then it is up to the designer to find out what will go well with the fabric in terms of design and symmetry.


  1. A Combination Of Skirt And Top

This is the perfect dinner dress for a teenager’s night out. It has a youthful feel to it and it brings out their young spirit. The look is a combination of a skirt and a spaghetti top. They may be sewn together in the form of a dress or one may decide to wear them separately. This look offers the teenager a chance to show off any tattoos and to accentuate their bodily features.

The dress can go well with a neckpiece and a few bracelets to spice up the entire look. It may however not require much when it comes to shoes since it can be worn with a pair of sneakers or cute sandals.


  1. Kitenge Maxi Dress

This piece of the African dinner dress is an example of how simplicity can pair with excellence. The main idea is to not overshadow the whole look with the African fabric only but to have a transition between two different fabrics that bring out a masterpiece. This is an Afro-urban look that is suitable for wearing during wedding after-parties, to simple dinners, and even for an outdoor concert.


  1. The Off-Shoulder African Dinner Dress

This off-shoulder dress is a true reflection of how simplicity and elegance can go hand in hand. The off-shoulder dress is not known to require much accessorizing as well the beauty of the dress and overall look are determined by the design. This intricate design has a few ruffles added to it to make it more appealing to the eye. The length of the dress would also be an important factor to consider while choosing the off-shoulder outfit since a longer outfit may be confused for bridal party wear. The most important thing to consider when wearing an off-shoulder dress is how to style the hair. An updo for the hair would be more appropriate since it will allow the design on the shoulders to stand out.


  1. The Free-Flowing African Dinner

This dress reflects simplicity meeting the day-to-day African woman. The choice of fabric is limitless when it comes to this simple design. The dashiki, kitenge, and other fabrics can all be used to come up with a masterpiece of the same design. This type of dress can be accessorized with African beaded necklaces and a few ankle bracelets. This dinner dress offers a wide variety of shoes to be worn with. A pair of heels would do the look well. However, you can also rock this outfit with a pair of boots. The most important thing is to ensure you are within the color scheme of the dress.


  1. Kitenge Mini Dinner Dress

The kitenge is a fabric that tells the African story on its design. This dress is above the knee length and the design allows it to be free-flowing while highlighting the waistline. This is perfect for dinner with friends. The look does not require many accessories since it is all about the design of the dress. The intricate detail on the neckline makes the dress stand out. The most that one can do is to style the hair in a design that goes along with the dress or to use head-wraps that match with kitenge dresses.


  1. African Print Black Dress

The African print black dress is an example of how classic African dresses can be. It is simple yet classy in its own way. This dress is particularly a classic for evening wear especially for the older generation. The design and how the designer has played with the fabric to come up with a masterpiece is just one of the ways that the African print dresses can be said to be in a class of their own. This type of dress is not only ideal for dinner parties but also for family and official parties.

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