Traditional Wedding Styles In The Republic Of Congo

Traditional Wedding Styles In The Republic Of Congo

Culturally, the Republic of Congo is rich is assorted with its variety of ethnicities. The narrative culminating to traditional weddings in Republic of Congo is invariably similar to other events done to the proceeding of that great occasion in other parts of Africa. This practice can however be backdated to the ancient times, which is the dot, or bride price.
Across the country, liputa is a style of wearing modern attires at traditional weddings by Congolese women. The cloth and mode of dressing in liputa obviously follows the effects of colonization. Literally in Republic of Congo, "Liputa" means wearing of colorful materials in style. Often times, Congolese women don in this attire with beautiful colors. It is therefore important to glam up in this liputa style at traditional weddings in the country.
Traditional Wedding Styles In The Republic Of Congo1
The attire is usually composed of four pieces made from the same material. One piece is worn as a blouse, one as a wrapper, one to tie on the waist, and the other to be tied on the head like a turban. However, the blouse has a big-cut neck and a big arm. One piece of material is wrapped around from the waist to feet to cover the legs. Another piece ties the waist to fasten the wrapper and keep in place. This piece ties in such a way that the knot looks like a huge beautiful bow on the waist. The last piece is then tied on the head as a turban to cover the hair.


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Most recently, Congolese women have stopped tying their hair with turban, but now prefer leaving the hair loosed. The blouse usually has embroidery with colorful threads and decorative beads around the neck. The neck is always bigger, such that the head can easily fit through the blouse. Traditionally, buttons are not used, although buttons can sometimes be used to decorate the blouse.
Liputa is made of 100% cotton. Across Republic of Congo, dyeing is the main method of coloring cloth, which is usually indigo. Bold, bright and brilliant are obviously few words to describe the stunning prints and fabrics of liputa used in creating Congolese fashion. Unlike Western trends, Congolese styles are created to make a fashion statements of elegance and class at occasions, like traditional weddings, when the couple is the center of attention at that grand event. The liputa tends to stand out from the crowd, making use of both vibrant hues and striking prints, reflecting African culture
At traditional weddings, Congolese brides always stun adorably in their gracious raving in this liputa fashion styles.
Traditional Wedding Styles In The Republic Of Congo
In furtherance, super wax prints are sometimes worn by some Congolese couples that want to have a slight drift and change of taste in fashion away from the liputa style that is traditional to the country. Super-wax fabric is produced from an extra fine cotton which is densely woven, with at least 2 main colors and a large natural sparkling effect. It is extremely luxurious and its name “Super Wax” stems from that luxury property.
In other words, the groom and his bride can be spotted in traditional wedding with brightly matching colors of veritable Congolese beauty. The groom usually make use of this super wax to stun in a blazer and pant, while the bride goes for elegant, shoulder-high styles to glam up for their traditional wedding. However, the man can also choose to make a shirt or dashiki from the super wax material to look simple but fabulous.

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