The Ankara-Kente Mix Dress

The Ankara-Kente Mix Dress

With the need to look unique, African fashion dresses have worked magic for this. Regardless of the print, African fashion dresses have always stolen the show. Thanks to our very able designers who have been able to beat the western influence which was on the verge of making African fashion a thing of the past. The Ankara and kente print look so gorgeous in this design. This dress can also pass as a fashion dress for church.

Kintegi Bridal Dresses

1. Ankara Mix Dress For Medium Sized Lady

This is a great one for a woman of medium size with curves. The lace design tends to bring out the excellence in the style.

2. Maxi Ankara Mix Dress For Plus Size Lady

This will be perfect for a plus-size woman with more curves. It is also decent and respectful.

3. Ankara Mix Print For Petite Woman

The petite woman is also not left behind, as with this style you can easily experience a remarkable diversity when it comes to this design, which can be worn to work, church, weddings, or even for dinner. To bring the classy lady aspect in you, how about trying this design.

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