South African Maternity Dresses

South African Maternity Dresses

South Africa, just like other African countries values culture. Women in this country are equally fashionable even during pregnancy. As much as pregnancy comes with several changes and challenges, a woman needs to look beautiful all through the expectancy period.

South African Maternity Dresses

However, designers have not disappointed in terms of delivering numerous designs that could perfectly fit different body sizes and shapes of expectant women. You only need to know your style and look for outfits that will make you glow and elegant during this time. We all know that women tend to look more beautiful during pregnancy.

Here are some of the latest South African maternity dresses adorned by expectant South African women who cherish culture.

1. High Low Dress

This high-low chiffon African print dress is a must-have during pregnancy. A blend of chiffon and African print brings about a classy look that is not unique but also stylish. Chiffon is pregnancy-friendly and will give you the comfort you desire. You are still able to flaunt your legs in this dress, but still cover the necessary parts. Paired with the right shoes and accessories of your choice, this look could serve you on countless occasions during your pregnancy.

2. African Print Tunic Dress

Tunic dresses are the latest fashion craze and they come in different stylish designs. They are ideal for the early stages of pregnancy and could be designed to fit your taste and preferences. The good thing about this dress is that you could still rock it even after delivering your baby. The prints are appealing to the eye and when paired up with the right sandals, you could rock it on many occasions.

3. Long Ankara Wrap Dress

This dress allows you to not only be classy but also be a spec. At your early stages of pregnancy, you still have a lot of freedom in terms of dressing because your baby bump is still tiny. The beautiful prints on this dress cannot go unnoticed. Since pregnancy is beautiful, the outfits you adorn should also be able to reflect the beauty. You need to pair it up with matching sandals and a plain colored bag.

4. Ankara Print Dress With Pockets

Who wouldn’t want to adorn such a dress during pregnancy? Its length and color are perfect for such a period. It is simple yet elegant and the long sleeves are convenient when the weather seems to be unpredictable. The fabric seems light enough and the whole outfit is a must-have. It is decent enough to be worn to church and many more occasions.

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