Nigerian Traditional Wedding Style3

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Style

Traditional wedding in Nigeria is one of the masterclass events that doesn’t tarry in wide display of culture, tradition, wealth, and exposure. However, the narrative of a wedding without traditional wedding is no wedding is very valid in Nigerian weddings. This is because family/communal cultural and traditional rites are performed here, like the payment of dowry and others. Hence, as Nigeria is cultural rich, so is its traditional weddings deeply rooted in its heritage that speaks class and glamour.
Yoruba traditional wedding outfit
Traditional Yoruba wedding outfit is really an awesomeness of a wedding to behold with fascinating picturesque and festive-looking appearance.
From the ancient times, Aso Oke has been the formal traditional wedding attire worn by the bride and groom. Although, there are now other fabric preferences, like lace, silk, velvet, and even elements of Ankara, but the elegance and assortment of Aso Oke are still prevalent in Yoruba culture. Aso Oke is used to create attires for everybody, especially the bride and groom and their families.
Traditional attire for Yoruba brides
Nigerian Traditional Wedding Style1
There are certain traditions of getting dressed for brides in Yorubaland. They are supposed to wear special clothing from the crown of their head to the sole of their feet. The clothes usually come with the combination of a traditional wrapper with a blouse, and a headpiece. 
The wrapper is called ‘Iro’, and it is usually tied at the waist and covers the bride’s hips and legs up to the ankles. It always brings out the feminine look of elegance.
The iro is always worn with a blouse called ‘buba’. The blouse is often made with the same fabric and color as the wrapper. White lace blouses of this type look especially festive and attractive.
The headpiece is made out of a head-tie that is called Gele. This is a traditional Yoruba headpiece that can be worn with varying forms and shape, depending on level of creativity. Often than not, the head-tie is made with Aso Oke.
The wedding attire of this type is majorly complemented with some fashion art of jewelry. In most cases, brides wear earrings and bracelets. The majority of brides has special beads that are meant for the wedding occasion; these beads normally match the color of the attire or create a deep contrast. And when it comes to decent and fanciful shoes, Yoruba brides are unbeatable in this class of “to-match”.
Yoruba traditional clothes for the groom
Yoruba grooms are usually dressed in Sokoto (quite loose pants), a Buba (a shirt) and Agbada. Agbada is an outfit that is worn for special festive occasions, like weddings and other formal situations. The chest embroidery on agbada can be utterly elaborate and exquisite, and in turn makes the the outfit exudes gravitas when worn.
The attire is not complete without a cap called Fila. Filas can be of different types. Often times, the groom makes the choice of the type of fila that he wants. The groom's fila and agbada are made out of the same fabric as the bride’s gele. Also, grooms have some jewelry. In case the man has no permanent items like piercing, the only item of jewelry will be a very long and very elaborate beaded necklace. Sometimes, grooms also have an additional accessory, a horse’s tail called Irukere. This is an ancient royal item and many grooms decide to support the tradition with it, including a walking stick.
Traditional wedding dress of Igbo in Nigeria
The Igbo traditional wedding styles always reflect the importance of the moment to the very fullest. Regal, thoughtfully composed, and bright, they catch eyes and charm spectators with their elegance and luxury.
Igbo people in southeastern Nigeria have preserved so much of their traditions and habits intact. An Igbo wedding is a colorful event that is held in accordance with ancient customs and traditions.
During the traditional wedding, everyone dresses at their best to display taste and wealth. However, the bride is always at the center of attention at the occasion in her bright dresses that speak luxury and get her divine beauty flattered.
In most cases, the bride is always saddled with the choice of choosing the color and fabric for her attire, including that of the groom.


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Igbo traditional bride style
Traditional outfit for an Igbo bride consists of the following pieces and items:
1. Blouse: Blouses being worn by Igbo brides can actually be tailored to different styles. They may be short-sleeve, long-sleeve, or sleeveless. Blouses are often decorated with embroidery, as it brings on dramatic note to the style. Their wedding blouses do have a moderate neck cut in order to create a good background to flaunt expensive neckpieces.
2. A skirt or a wrapper: For more comfort and free movement, brides always have their wrappers with elastic bands on the waist. They can also have regular skirts that are finished in the same color scheme with the bride’s outfit.
3. A headpiece: An Igbo bride can choose this from wide range of options. It is also possible to create a fantastic and elegant head wrap that is luxurious and lovely. In most cases, they match the main color of the bride’s outfit.
Also, these brides can wear beaded caps, as this is an ancient ethnic decoration that brides wear.
Nigerian Traditional Wedding Style
4. Accessories: Coral beads are often used to decorate the bride’s body. It is actually a stunning look that is native and elegant. Sometimes, it is also important for brides to wear a lot of gold jewelry and gemstones.
Igbo traditional dressing for the groom
Traditional attires for Igbo groom also come with their own sense of style. They might not be fully decorated like the bride, but the dressing must come with its full details.
1. A shirt and pants: The minimal dressing for an Igbo groom consists of a high-collared long-sleeve shirt which flows down to the knees, and pants. The pants always vary from flabby to quite tight, depending on personal preference.
2. A cap: These caps are always in different styles. It is not important that the color of the cap matches the other outfit, but men love to choose red, gold, black, silver caps, irrespective of their attire.
3. Other accessories: This also involves the use of coral beads with different layers and most importantly, a walking stick.

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