Mermaid Wedding Gowns With Bling

Mermaid Wedding Gowns With Bling

This is another variation of the mermaid gown for brides-to-be. The bling tends to enhance the gown and make it appear more glamorous. The styles look chic and will give you a unique appearance and feel.

1. Beaded Gown

This gown is perfect f a woman that loves to look flashy by wearing a lot of bling. The beads on the upper part of the dress will make you glow. The beads the simple dress appear flashy and classy which is something most, if not all, brides want.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns With Bling

2. Queen-Like Gown

This is a perfect gown for a princess bride. The crystal beads make the gown glitter. The gown does not have a lot of fabric which means that a bride can walk down the aisle gracefully without having to worry about the bulk that comes with most gowns. It is a perfect choice for a lady that loves to keep things simple.

3. Jeweled Gown

In case you are a woman that fancies bling then your wedding gown must have lots of them. This is exactly what this gown offers you. With it, you get to enjoy a dress that has pearls all over it. The dress allows you to use very few accessories as it already has enough of them. In case you want to tone down on your accessories but still want to have some feature in your look, this is the gown to settle for.

4. Lace Gown With Bling

There are so many ways an African bride can stand out. You do not have to go for the common and expected white gown that most relatives will be expecting is already overrated. Surprise them with your customized gown with prints and pearls that you want. You can play around with the design to come up with a design that flatters you best.

5. Pearly Girl Gown

This excellent dress will be a favorite for many African ladies. If you love to try out different glitters then this dress will work for you. You will shine as the bride of the day not only because of your beauty but also the dress of choice.

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