Mermaid Wedding Gowns In Ghana

Mermaid Wedding Gowns In Ghana

These are some of the best pictures of mermaid wedding gowns in Ghana and West Africa. In case you have a wedding coming up soon, consider these designs when searching for a perfect gown. You can always modify them to give them a personal touch. Work with a designer that is familiar with such gowns. You can also include a touch of your creativity to come up with a gown that is authentic and customized.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns In Ghana

1. Low Back Mermaid Gown

This gown will make you look like a princess. The long fishtail makes it appear voluminous at the lower part which is something that you will like. The low-back style makes the dress very alluring. This simple gown is fit for an African queen.

2. Simple Dress With Veil

This gown is unique. It is flexible in such a way that you can always remove the lacey part with the veil and use the fitting white dress for the reception later on after the church function. The gown is one of the few that not many will be able to imitate. It is perfect for a plus-sized woman that wants comfort.

3. Off-Shoulder Mermaid Gown

This is a gown that will flatter your African figure. The gown spreads towards the bottom making it free and comfortable as it will allow you to move comfortably. Add the small veil on your head and you will look exceptional.

4. Ruffled Mermaid Gown

This is an excellent choice for women that want to look like a Barbie doll. This dress is picture perfect and will be excellent on your wedding day.

5. Traditional White Mermaid Gown

This is a perfect gown for those who love traditional white for their wedding. The long and wide gown will be something to behold when you wear it on your special day.

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