Long African Men Shirt

Long African Men Shirt

There are several men's African shirts you can consider when looking for a shirt for every occasion. This article classifies the different available shirts for men. With these, you can comfortably pick a shirt that will work perfectly for whatever event you want to attend.

 Long African Men Shirt

  1. Patterned V-neck Shirt

This is a simple shirt that can be worn for casual events and weekends. Pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers or sandals and you are good to go hang out with your boys. The detailed v-neck makes the shirt very African and will represent your intent of keeping a casual African look. The shirt is easy to wear and allows you to move around comfortably.


  1. Black Official

This is a perfect long shirt for the office or meeting. Black has a way of showing its seriousness especially when paired with the right pants and shoes. This long shirt commands respect and attracts the kind of attention a boss deserves. Pair it with perfectly pressed pants and you are good to go.


  1. Dashiki Detailed Men Top

This is a shirt you want to wear to a special function. You can pair it with matching pants or choose a contrasting color such as red or any other shouting color. The colors and details on the hands tend to show that this is function wear. Wear this to the next wedding you attend and you can be sure that the ladies will be smiling at your impeccable sense of style.


  1. Neck Button Kitenge Long Shirt

This kitenge long shirt is perfect for a bold man. If you want a little bit of color to your shirt then this is the way to go. The button at the neck tends to break the monotony of wearing a tie or bow tie. You will stand out in this shirt regardless of where you wear it to.


  1. Long Sleeve Plain Shirt With African Print

This is one of the few shirts for men that can fit every situation. Whether you are looking for something fancy for the office or want a classic casual outfit for an evening out, this is the ideal attire for you.

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