High Waist African Print Skirts

High Waist African Print Skirts

The high waist skirt is increasingly becoming popular with African ladies. This is probably because the skirt is easy to wear and is perfect for all women irrespective of their size and age. If you want to look classy and trendy then a high waist pencil skirt will never disappoint. Find below the variations of the African attire high waist skirts.

High Waist African Print Skirts

1. High Waist Skirt With Slit

This perfect African print high waist pencil skirt will make you stand out. It is a great piece considering the color combination. When paired with an official blouse, this skirt will make perfect office wear for any day.

2. Perfect Office Waist Skirt

This is exactly how you wear an African pencil skirt to the office. Choosing earth-toned colored fabrics and prints will help the skirt look more formal. Pair it with your favorite white long-sleeved shirt and a pair of brown heels and you are good to go. An African lady that is ready to conquer the corporate world must start by how she looks. Make sure that you go for a high waist print skirt that sends all the right signals when you walk into the building.

3. Plus Size Pencil Skirt

Are you on the plus-size side of the African woman figure? Are you the lady that has curves to flaunt but must maintain decency to the office? If so then this high waist pencil midi skirt will be a perfect choice for you. Pick it in colors that complement your look. However, be sure to choose tops or blouses that are a bit conservative as you need to be formal. On the days that you are not going to the office, any casual top will work.

4. Colorful Waist Skirt

You are sure to look stunning in your office with this bright mix and match pencil skirt. The best African high waist pencil skirt is one that has been simply accessorized to enhance the beauty of the skirt. Be sure not to overdo it especially for the office look.

5. Pencil Skirt With Twist

This is an excellent way to make your office pencil skirt appear fancy and stylish. You can wear this on Fridays or over the weekend when you must be in the office, or at church.

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