Chanel To Hold Métiers d'Art Show In Home Country, France

Chanel To Hold Métiers d'Art Show In Home Country, France

The French fashion house, Chanel is set to debuts its next Métiers d’Art collection on December 7. 

Chanel To Hold Métiers d'Art Show In Home Country, France1

The Métiers d’Art show is characterized by a traveling show which has been featured in notable places like Dallas (United States) and Shanghai (China), but with restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, Chanel has decided to keep the show in France. The Grand Palais, where Chanel usually stages their shows, is under renovations ahead of the Summer Olympics in 2024, so Chanel will need a new venue that has yet to be announced. A temporary space was built near the Eiffel Tower to host events that usually take place at the Grand Palais. 


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There is the possibility that Chanel will stage their show at the Palais Galliera fashion museum, where the brand’s fall 2021 haute couture show was held. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chanel has not held an event outside of its home country of France in contrast to competitors, like Louis Vuitton holding shows in countries including China.

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