Best Wedding Gowns In Morocco

Best Wedding Gowns In Morocco

Everyone gets dressed up for Moroccan weddings. Just like a wedding in any other country, the Moroccan bride is treated like a queen, and undoubtedly dresses the part. Although wedding gowns in Morocco are inclined to the ideals of the country, being preponderant of the Muslim population, most choice of wedding gowns is towards the traditional types.

 Best Wedding Gowns In Morocco

  1. The White Takchita

The white takchita  is a remodeled Moroccan caftan that is made up of two pieces minimum, and sometimes up to five pieces. The first part is the “tahtiya,” which is a long silky caftan. The second piece is the “fouqia” or “defina,” which is an open satin dress that is often transparent and held in place with a wide golden belt.

The bride’s first, white wedding dress represents the purity of the future wife. The seamstress makes it with different white fabrics such as silk, tulle, satin, and other luxury materials. They also embroider the dress with different golden designs and patterns, either traditional or modern, depending on the bride’s taste.


  1. Moroccan A-Line Bridal Gown

Spaghetti straps are a trend with staying power. Add some heirloom-inspired lace and you have an A-line bridal gown with truly timeless charm.

 Best Wedding Gowns In Morocco

  1. Mermaid Gown Style

This mermaid gown flatters the figure with illusion paneling that cuts into the waist and finishes at the back, blooming with embroidery that also coats the Chantilly lace façade of the bodice, skirt, and train.


  1. Tulle A-Line Gown

A chic and on-trend style, this tulle A-line wedding gown features a beaded lace bodice and beaded spaghetti straps. An illusion-plunging sweetheart neckline adds a hint of alluring glamour. Finished with covered buttons over zipper closure. Tulle and lace veils are sold separately.



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  1. Ball Gown

This style is a floor-length strap and a neck Ball Gown chiffon with a royal blue off-shoulder hijab.



Weddings are beautiful as they are often a one-lifetime event, it important to walk within the budget of getting a wedding gown which you can afford and be comfortable in.


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