Ankara Dress Styles With Lace

Ankara Dress Styles With Lace

African dresses with lace tops give ladies a classic, modish, and feminine look making them be embraced in almost every African country. The good thing with lace fabric is that it blends well with other African prints fabric from the rich Ankara, Kente, Kitenge, to Dashiki dresses. To have the most unique African dress with a lace top, you have to add in a little creativity. Don’t stress because when you read on, you will get the inspirations and we bet that you will find an appealing dress out of our displayed photos in this article. The photos clearly that no contesting that our African designers are working on modernizing African fashion.

 Ankara Dress Styles With Lace

  1. Ankara Dress With Feature Top

Ankara has loads of mono-chromic patterns and when it has lace features, it makes the outfit give you that expensive and classic look. It does not matter if the dress is short, long, medium-sized, flayed, or pencil, but you will look perfect. All you need to do is to tell your designer to place the laces features on your top at either the sleeve ends, the collars, underlying waste, at the chest, or where you will find the features best placed. Blend the look with beautiful accessories and be ready for the flocking compliments on that occasion.

The choice of the design will hugely give the occasion of the dress. This means that if you go for a long dress or medium-sized dress, it will be multi-occasion wear. If you go for the short dresses, then it will limit the occasions and be perfect for a dinner date, a wedding ceremony, or anywhere you fit it with the beautiful dress.


  1. Ankara Dress With Lace Component

The Ankara print dress can have lace components appearing at the top extending to the skirt of the dress. What you need is creativity to design a unique piece because the lace can overlay in any section and give you that awesome look. A pencil short or long dresses look perfect with the lace components at it will brighten your entire outfit. Some also go for the flayed to have the unique look out of the many who embrace the design.


  1. Ankara Dress With Lace Off-Shoulder Top

The off-shoulder dress with a lace top tends to be the latest design this season. These pieces will always give that attractive, feminine, as well as refined look. Every time you go for an off-shoulder dress, there are some things that we would like you to observe. The major thing is the choice of length for your dress. Fact remains that if you expose the shoulders people will emphasize your slender legs and when you go for a lengthy dress, you will create that unique look.

The other essential thing to consider is your choice of bra. A strapless or a colorless strap bra is perfect for an off-shoulder lace top. If you go for the strap bras, then make sure it fits you well without tightening your skin. A beautiful necklace will be of help to reduce people paying attention to your shoulders.


  1. Ankara Dress With Strap Or Lace Top

These dresses will always stand out and many take them as perfect dresses for dinner. With this choice of African dresses in your mind, you should pay attention to the bra as well. In most cases, the straps are usually intertwined along the neck giving you that fabulous look.

The interesting bit is that more people will get attracted to the straps. You need to revive your wardrobe with these African design dresses and we bet you won't have a moment of regret.

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