Ankara Church Dress For Men

Ankara Church Dress For Men

Ankara is highly regarded as one of the African fabrics that are intricately woven with patterns to be ostentatious of African history, heritage, tradition, and culture. This fabric blends with other African prints, such as Dashiki, Kente, Adire, etc. Ankara is reputed for its colorful prints that are critically significant to African culture. Long time ago, women did use it as a means of non-verbal communication. For instance, each unique pattern had a common language with shared meanings. Perhaps, it is still a mode of visual communication where each pattern is symbolic of African identity.
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In furtherance, Ankara fabric is simply unique in its own way. Although there is no much difference in the color intensity of the front and back sides, often times, manufacturers of this textile do protect the design while showing the quality of the fabric. This is done by printing the name of the product, the company, and the registration number of the design on the selvage.
As decency and modesty in mode of dressing are requisites of going to church, looking courteous while stunning in graciousness of fashion are two germane stunts that must be pitched. For a man, looking good is indeed a good business, and that is why looking trendy with some fashion menu of Ankara styles to church is very important to consume.
1. Two-piece
This style is considered ubiquitous for men. It usually comprises trousers and a shirt sewn with this fabric. They are just perfect for church services. The shirts of the two-piece can either be made tight or loose-fitting, this is largely dependent on individual choice.
2. Tops
A shirt or tunic can be sewn with an Ankara fabric, thereby pairing it with plain-colored trousers or jeans. However, the tops can either stop at the waist region or extend to the knee, depending on the chosen style. Also, the sleeves can be made either long or short.
Ankara tops always give room for versatility as when worn with other fabrics, a blend of modern and native wear is paraded.
3. Bottoms
In similitude, a pair of trousers can be sewn with Ankara fabric, such that, it pairs with a shirt, polo or t-shirt. As the fashion statement is for Ankara tops, Ankara bottoms bring more versatility. That is, an almost holy look with good fashion sense can be achieved with this style.


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4. Mix-and-Match
In a bid to achieve this fascinating style, the Ankara fabric can be matched with another plain-colored fabric. The beauty of this style is the ability to welcome creativity and engenders a mixture of colors.
5. A Touch of Ankara
This is can be referred to as Afro-urban wear. This style can stem from the idea of insufficient fabric. Hence, this is achieved by cutting a piece of Ankara and attach it to strategic points of shirts like, tees or bottoms. It could also be on the pocket, neckline or chest region. This style unarguably showcases creativity.
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6. Ankara Suits
As going to church demands looking fabulous and adorable, donning in Ankara suits can just a magic of exhilarating beauty. The style a blend of westernization with Afrocentrism. Be it a full suit or a blazer alone, the Ankara suits styles are great ways to command decency in that “holy” gathering.
However, the suit doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as the trousers. The jacket could be Ankara while the pants could be of plain color and vice versa.
In today’s fashion in Africa, there is a change in the antiquated narrative, as Ankara styles for men can be complemented with any nice footwear, such as a pair of sneakers to look more dapper, and not necessarily moccasins, palms, or loafers.

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