African Straight Dress

African Straight Dress

African straight dresses come in different patterns and colors. You can choose any African print straight dress style for any occasion including church weddings and even formal events such as work parties. The secret is to know how to pair the dress with matching accessories. You also need to select prints and styles that will flatter your body since your goal is to stand out. Some of the most common styles include the off shoulders, A-lines, and sleeves with gathers.

 African straight dress

  1. Church Dress

There are different African wear straight dress styles that are well suited for church. These have to be long and flowing or at least be below the knee. When attending church you need to be respectful and modest. Choose a style that is not figure hugging a well. Flare dresses with the right prints can make you look classy, unique, and appropriate for church service. This is the same kind of dress you could wear to a function that involves your in-laws especially the parents.


  1. Wedding Dress

There is no better place than Africa print dresses shine than in weddings. Here is where people get to show off their style sense and women do not disappoint as they go all the way out. You can choose to wear a straight dress to a wedding as long as you go for bold colors and prints. Make sure that your tailor plays around with his or her creativity as well.

Focus on getting a neckline that emphasizes your best features. Work on the sleeves. You could go for sleeveless if you are doing a neckline that is covered up or choose a half sleeve or long sleeves with gathers for the lower necklines. You can be decent and chic with the right wedding straight dress. Also, choose a color of garment that you can easily accessorize to get that final goddess look you are going for.


  1. Formal Dress

The workplace has relaxed a little bit with more organizations accepting formal African print suits. This has made it easier for the African woman to rock her favorite prints every day as long as the style is suited for the environment. This is where short straight dresses and skirts that are paired with flattering tops thrive. You can experiment with a lot of wear for the official look until you get one that works for you. Once you have the signature look for the office then you can work around hanging colors and prints from bold to mild.

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