African Print Sweaters

African Print Sweaters

African fashion is indeed booming and it has become a big deal in global fashion market. What used to be ignored by African fashionistas, elites, and others is now is today the most desired piece of clothing amongst all social classes. Although one major thing that stunted the growth of African prints was the styles that were limited and not so functional and practical, but the narrative today has really changed with innovative ideas upwelling from fashion designers, thereby making the African prints fashionable, trendy, sporty, and classy. However, from sweaters for men, women, and kids, African print fabrics have gained the strength of not losing its trend for a long time.
Some of the most notable fabrics are Ankara, Kente, Kitenge, Dashiki, Aso oke, and Batik.
African Print Sweaters1
Ankara Fabric Sweater
Sometimes called a bomber jacket because of its classic and elegant look. Solely for unisex adults and kids, it is mostly worn during cold weather to add spice and beauty to your winter look.
This beautiful unisex Ankara sweater is made of prints fabric and cotton polyester. Primarily, it is aimed at representing African culture in an outfit that speaks class, elegance, and gorgeousness. In many instances, the black sweaters can boldly feature the Ankara print detail on both sleeves, the chest, or neck. It can also include all parts with colorful Ankara prints sewn on it.
The Ankara sweater is simply perfect for casual to semi casual styling, as it works well with button up and round neck shirts.
The beauty about this style is the representativeness of the culture that an African fabric print matched with contemporary styling. Also Ankara sweaters keeps the body warm with the nylon lining that provides insulation. Roomy pockets for hands and small items are also made on the sweater.
African Print Sweaters3
Kente Fabric Sweater
Fashionable, powerful and captivating, these are just three of the many fascinating words that describe the Ghanaian Kente print sweaters. They are relatively soft to touch and cozy, as the crew neck sweater is a transitional piece for all weather conditions. Often times, the the vibrant print and design on the Kente sweater is a true representation of West African fashion merging the Western way of life. The sweater is always a mix of cotton and polyester. The Kente fabric can either be the primary material for the overall sweater product or a fabric part of the sweater. In this case, the Kente print might either be sewn on both sleeves, chest, or neck trims.


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African Print Sweaters2
Dashiki Fabric Sweater
The Dashiki sweater is always professionally designed of spun a with 100 percent premium polyester, and meticulously handmade. This type do bring much comfy when worn with rip-resistance and durability.
Most of the times, each panel is always individually printed, cut and sewn to ensure a flawless graphic devoid of imperfections. Hence, the high definition printing makes these a pleasure to wear for all occasions.

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