African Print Crop Tops

African Print Crop Tops

The colors, prints, and vibrancy of the African print fabrics are undeniably fashionable. Due to that, African print crop tops come in countless designs that fit different tastes and preferences. Whether you are plus size or petite, you will never miss a crop top that will perfectly serve your purpose. Here are some of the cute African print crop tops designs that will leave you yearning for more.

African Print Crop Tops

1. Off-Shoulder Sleeve Crop Top

Off-shoulder crop tops have trended for quite some time and they are a must-have for every stylish woman who does not shy away from flaunting her upper body. It is among the African print crop top styles that have taken the front lead in the fashion industry. The off-shoulder sleeve crop top is designed to bring out a sexy touch to any outfit you pair it up with. This African print crop top will not disappoint you if you choose to adorn it during an afternoon date with your girls or spouse. As long as you pair it up with the right accessories, shoes, and bag, you will be good to go.

2. Breast Plate African Print Crop Top

You need to be bold and stylish enough to be able to rock this look because it falls under unique crop top styles that are to die for. Its casual nature makes it suitable for evening outs or events that will require you to unleash your wild fashion sense. Paired with a pair of jeans like below and the right kind of shoes, you will be good to go and expect to turn heads. Apart from pairing it up with jeans, you could also find the right shorts or other types of pants like palazzo pants or any other of your choice to achieve a different kind of look for a different occasion.

3. Wing Sleeve African Print Crop Top

A wing-sleeved African print crop top is an ideal piece for every woman who wants to show off that admirable waistline. A flowery one like the one below is easy to pair with several outfits. You could go for a high waist pencil skirt with a color that complements it or simply pair it up with stylish jeans for a casual look. It is advised that you accessorize it with a bit of jewelry so that you come out with a simple yet elegant look that is effortless. It could work well for a red carpet or a lunch date as long as you adorn the right shoes.

4. The Tube African Print Crop Top

You can never go wrong with the tube African print crop top especially if you have a high waist pant or skirt to pair it up with. If you do not like showing too much skin, a plain high waist trouser with this kind of top will work well for you. For those who love jeans, a pair of denim trousers could also work well with this top. A pair of heels and clutch should accompany such an outfit for a late dinner or lunch date. With all that said, it is crystal clear that every lady needs a tube print crop top in her closet.

5. African Print Corset Crop Top

The corset crop top is every lady’s best friend. Paired with a pair of high waist jeans trousers and sandals, heels, wedges, flat shoes, or matching customized shoes, you could pull this look on a weekend night out or a lunch date with friends. It is a simple yet elegant look that every lady should at one time adorn especially during the summer.

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