African Fashion & Style Spotlighted On African Voices

African Fashion & Style Spotlighted On African Voices

In this week’s edition of African Voices “Changemakers”, on CNN, fashion and style was the focus of the show being sponsored by the Nigerian telecommunications company, Globacom.

 Two notable fashion pathfinders, Nkwo Onwuka, the Creative Director of Abuja-based Nkwo Design Studios, and Rich Mnisi, the Creative Director of Rich Mnisi, an exclusive label based in South Africa were featured on the episode 

African Fashion & Style Spotlighted On African Voices1

Both guests are reputed for re-designing the African fashion landscape, Onwuka strongly desires to reduce textile wastes as she focuses on creating limited editions of fashion styles from left-over pieces of denim, made-in-Nigeria cotton, end-of-line fabrics, and cutting table wastes. She operates under the label, Dakala Cloth.


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 Being an innovative fashion stylist, she transforms traditional methods of handcraft like weaving, beading, hand dyeing, and embroidery to breathe a fresh sigh to fabrics and make them suitable for conventional use. 

African Fashion & Style Spotlighted On African Voices3

 Meanwhile, Rich Mnisi is a young South African designer and graduate of Fashion Design and Business Management at the South African School of Fashion.

 He specializes in pop-culture fashion and has founded his brand, called OATH Studio. In 2014, he won the African Fashion International Young Designer award at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa.




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