African Church Skirts

African Church Skirts

Skirts can be described as the lower part of a dress or a separate outer garment that covers someone from the waist down. Skirts are styles of fashion, notably for ladies, as they are being worn for formal and informal purposes.
However, in Africa, skirts have for a long time formed part of every ladies’ lifestyle of dressing, even before the trendy adoption of trousers from the Western ladies by African women. With different African prints that are beautifully styled, wearing skirts never go wrong on ladies who understand their waistline and body shape.
African Church Skirts6
It is crystal clear that African wax print skirts have some of the most beautiful African designs and color combinations in the world of fashion/clothing.
Meanwhile, in the trance of you preparing to go to church service in an African printed skirt, it is rather imperative to dress decent and modest as a typical African lady would do, and this starts from the styling of the dress you want to wear, most importantly the skirt. This is chiefly because wearing skirt has to with lying over your waistline, which actually lies the true beauty of a woman. Below are types of skirt that can be worn to church to command fashion sense while speaking elegance:
Poised Pencil Skirt
Going to church in a pencil skirt is actually not a bad idea with an African print. White fitted blouse best fit this skirt style, such that, it brings smartness and elegance to ladies. However, the poised pencil skirt contrasts greatly with the bold geometric print, because it gives stained glass window vibes. Complementing this beautiful style are strappy colorful sandals, like red or yellow.


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Sash Skirt
Indeed, an A-line design is one of the most flattering styles any woman can wear and with the beautiful fabrics that are available, experimenting beautiful African colors is an ideal thing to do in this case.Having a sash skirt is about being in a long skirt with an enablement to sit higher on the waist. When going to church, do make sure to tuck your top in to bring an emphasis on the physique of the waistline while the African flare over the hips give an adorable silhouette. Ladies always look sizzling in this skirt style with a brighter sandals, like gold.
African Church Skirts5
60s Styling Skirt
Wearing an African print A line midi skirt is a fascinating style of beauty to behold of a lady. This is because she steps out of the swinging sixties. However, polo neck black long sleeved top and nice earrings are good blends for the color complements. In this style, you go to church looking simple, yet fabulous.
Simple Top Half Skirt
This is wearing an elegant African print maxi skirt with a lovely peacock feather design. This can be perfectly worn with a fitted black top. This is just a good way to go to church, as the style accentuates the colorful print. What this skirt does is to flair over any problem areas of the body, just as it brings out the curve of a lady. The keyhole neckline also adds a cute touch to this outfit.
High Waist Skirt
Interestingly, one of the many stylish ways to wear an African print skirt is at the highest point of the waist. This exudes elegance for the lady in such a way that it makes an emphasis on the enviable curve of a lady. What a stylish way to dress to church! Tucking in a simple white vest top will give the look some casual feeling, but exhilarating compliments. This style is best on dark skinned.
Central Bow Skirt
African Church Skirts4
A fascinating way of styling African skirt is tying part of the skirt in a central bow. A jaunty bow tied in the centre of the waist is a fun way to display the rose gold and red print while showing off those curves. However, a touch of denim tucked into the skirt creates daytime cool, while a pair of gold sandals adds a little bit of glamour. This is a great blend of color between gold sandals and the dark skin.
Side Bow Skirt
Going to church, you can decide to add a side bow tied to shorten the length of the skirt to better suit your height. This brightly colored skirt is usually outstanding for the dark skinned with a black top. Also, a simple vest top tucked into the skirt will emphasize the waist and shoulders and give room to the addition of some accessories.

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